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    Hi.  I'm  Deborah A. Martucci
I founded “D.A.M. Inspirations” as an expression of my inward creativity.  The highly detailed and sophisticated work is a labor of love and inspires me when I see how much joy it brings to patrons and art lovers. The craftwork is very therapeutic and it allows me to display my inventive and creative nature.  I’ve been married over 42 years, have two grown children and four grandchildren.
By trade, I’m a, Dog Groomer with over three decades of dedication toward the care and veterinary health of pets.  My years of experience in pet grooming  field has been spent in Seabrook Maryland in a challenging, often very hectic and rewarding career.  I really enjoy animals however, in recent years I cut back my schedule because of the field’s strenuous nature, and my desire to produce creative art  for the public.
I’ve always been involved in artistic / craft related hobbies.  I first became interested in ceramic figurines while living in Germany in the early 1970’s.  Acquiring a taste for Hummel figures and Co-Boy Gnomes while overseas, which I began collecting, drove my interest to become artistically involved in the craft. 
I initiated my own ceramic projects when I returned  to the States.  As a sidelight I worked making ceramics and other kiln-fired products, worked with polymer clay and most recently began producing miniatures for the public at large.
A former neighbor, Frank Bruno, is a very prominent Dioramic artist based in the Washington D.C. area.  His own business  F&B Small World  celebrated its 36th year in 2014, catering to many well known people in the capital city and around the country, including former U.S. Presidents.  Mr Bruno is now retired.
After a chance meeting in 2005, I became very interested in Mr. Bruno’s work.  After rekindling our friendship he agreed to guide me in dioramic craft.  I took to it very quickly and have been working to enhance my dioramic talents ever since.  Miniatures have become the next step in my creative evolution as I gradually transition from dog grooming to the art of dioramic creative expression.
I've been maintaining a business presence since my move to the Delaware shore in 2010.  I have attended between 6 and 10 Art Shows every year since with a few Home Shows sprinkled in when there was time available.  
My specialties include the creation of original miniature art projects that are encased under custom made glass domes or decorative glass and wood framed boxes.
I intend to keep up this pace as long as I am capable of producing superior dioramic art.  
You can check the SHOWS button to see the shows I have scheduled for this year.

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